Mix old-school experience with modern tech-knowledge and you’ve got the basic ingredients for a DJ in the making.

DJ Alexsed combines this with a keen musical ear and a talent for knowing what his audience wants,

and brings this unique style across the ocean for international exposure to today’s audiences.

Beginning his career in 1979 in the clubs of Western Ukraine, Alexsed has given the dance floor a taste of

nearly every style in existence.

But trance – being as demanding and versatile among all other electronic styles— has become his favorite.

His primary influences are mainly pioneers of early Trance like Jean-Michel Jarre, Space, PFT, and the Rockets,

and these legends from the late 70’s-80’s have more than shown through, even in his style today.

Throughout the early 90’s, Alexsed started branching out, while at the same time becoming more acquainted with

Trance heavy-hitters such as Simon Berry, Alexander Stiepel and Marc Van Dale.

Alexsed has made it his absolute priority to always cater to his audiences, while putting together only the most

refined mixes for them to experience.

Flexibility and versatility are his most valuable traits, and he underscores them at each and every performance.

His live sets entertained audiences from Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia and his native country of Ukraine, while Alexsed was a member of “Inter-Tour”(Sputnik) in Europe.

After a life-changing decision to move to the United States in 1995, Alexsed once again had to start fresh in making

a name for himself. Despite the language barrier, he jumped right into performing for parties around the Midwest as a mobile DJ,

gaining the attention of the local club scene soon after.

He has since appeared as a resident DJ at most supporting EDM venues in Nebraska and Iowa,  Kansas and Missouri state.

resident/guest DJ at:
club “Revolution”(Omaha, NE)1998
club “Red Velvet”(Omaha, NE)1999
club “Champions”(Omaha, NE)2000-2008
club “Happy Hollow”(Omaha, NE)2001
club “Guitars & cadillacs”(Omaha, NE)2002
club “Omega”(Omaha, NE)2003
club “Bar 415″(Omaha, NE)2003-present
club “Nico”(Omaha, NE)2003
club “Naughty”(Omaha, NE)2004
club “The Max”(Omaha NE)2005
club “Citrus”(Omaha, NE)2006-2007
club H(Hilton Omaha)2008
club “Bear trap”(Omaha, NE)2009
club “Elite”(Omaha, NE)2010
club “Bricktop”(Lincoln, NE)2010-2011
Omaha Art Gallery(Omaha, NE)2011
club “The Run”(Omaha, NE)2011-2012
club O(Omaha, NE)2011
club “The Rise”(Omaha, NE)2013
California Bar(Omaha, NE)2014
Omar Building(Omaha, NE)2015

club “Stir”(Herrah’s casino(Council Bluffs, IA))2005-2007
club NYX(Council Bluffs, IA)2008

The Midland theater (Kansas city, MO)2010-2011
club “The Indie on Main” (Kansas city, MO)2012-2013
club “The Temple V”(Kansas city, MO)2013
club “Opera House”(Kansas city, MO)2014

“Noise vs Nature”(mt. Crescent, IA) 2009
“Strangeland”(Elkhorn, NE)2010
“Global Dance Festival(Kansas city, MO)2010
“Frost”(Kansas city, MO)2011
“Dancefestopia”(Kansas city, MO)2013
“Liquid Gr02ves”(Omaha, NE)2014
“Dancefestopia”(Kansas city, MO)2015
“Mardi Gras Grand Parade(Saint Louis, MO)2016

“Downtown Electronic Music Festival”(Omaha, NE)2016


At this moment Alexsed is proudly holding DJ residency at legendary Bar415 (Omaha, NE), and hosting “Back2Trance” monthly installments(every 4th Sunday of each month), Trancenet”, and “Trance in Progress Live” there.

While always staying true to his roots and breaking through in Trance & Progressive styles,

Alexsed has taken the next step for his career in today’s technologically-rich environment by opening his outreach to the internet and streaming media.

After being featured at some internet radio stations in mid of 2K’s Alexsed lunches his global weekly radio show – “Trance in Progress”(new, rare, unique and the most interesting releases/productions in trance and progressive)

The First episode of Trance in Progress show with Alexsed was aired in April of 2008 on Dutch http://www.trance.fm.

Starting in 2009, “Trance In Progress”, and Alexsed’s guest sets gained airplay at radio stations from Germany, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Poland, India, France, UK, and USA.

Since that time, the number of T.I.P. fans has grown from its humble beginnings to a phenomenon of around 10,000 weekly listeners! (T.I.P. is currently being aired in US, UK, and Russia)

In 2010, Alexsed was asked and participated in one of very first video recorded streams! His 6-hour extended set – Trance in Progress 2010 Yearmix@Elite lounge(Omaha, NE USA)

was exclusively streamed live and recorded on December 28, of 2010 at Dutch http://www.trance.fm ( http://www.trance.fm/#/video/98b3b1663093b37529722da76b1a44bd/ )

Since then, every Alexsed’s live event has live video streaming option for everyone’s convenience(currently at British trance radio station – Tranceworld via USTREAM)

T.I.P. Episode 100 was celebrated at club “Elite”(Omaha, NE USA), and video streamed live globally at Dutch http://www.trance.fm as well.

All the other T.I.P. anniversaries – Episodes 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400 were celebrated in a monumental receptions at the legendary Bar 415 (Omaha NE USA).

In May of 2008, DJ Alexsed launched  Basic Mashup-izm lab – a high-demand project to connect like-minded artists and ideas into a catchy mash-up format.

This project paved the way for a variety of artists and producers with original tracks, as well as helping their work to find recognition,

and being more explored in different music formats, genres, and styles by new generation music fans, and(or) leave old school fans with a surprise towards a unique approach to classic tunes.

Tracks from “Basic Mashup-izm lab” gained momentum, becoming increasingly used in sets and radio shows, festivals – and this only continues all across the globe today!

At this moment, nearly 800 mashups have now been made by Alexsed, and plus much more of those are available from all members of “Basic Mashup-izm” Group.(Some of mashups can be found on some of Alexsed’s network pages)

Production wise, beside remixing at White Label(UK), you can find Alexsed in latest collaboration with Omaha’s dj/producer Danny Aparo as A&A Project.

In Mid-2010, the official T.I.P. Blog was launched, and still continues to connect fans and listeners to updated releases, episodes, tracklists and download links.

For more information please subscribe to this T.I.P. Official page on WordPress, and(or) visit any of Alexsed’s networking pages:









For booking inquires contact Alexsed via public e-mail:







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