Trance in Progress(T.I.P.) show with Alexsed – (Episode 279) Cali4trance mix


01. Leon Bolier – Minsk (Original mix)[Free from Leon Bolier]2013

02. Alex Kunnari – Lifter (Maison & Dragen remix)[ARVA]2013

03. Omnia – Immersion (Original mix)[Armind(Armada)]2013

04. Andy Moor, Carrie Skipper – Story of my life feat. Carrie Skipper (David Gravell remix)[Armada Music Bundles]2013

05. Falcon – Punch (Original mix)[LW]2013

06. Andy Duguid – Skin & bones feat. Julie Thompson (Original mix)[Magik Muzik]2013

07. BT – Vervoeren (Extended mix)[Armada Music Bundles]2013

08. Binary Finary, Alan Crown – Escherian (Original mix)[Future Focus]2013

09. Adam Seller – Strike out! (Original mix)[Fraction]2013

10. Bryan Kearney, Full Tilt – Unlimited dreams (Sean Tyas remix)[Full Tilt]2013

11. Corderoy – Mechanical tears (Jordan Suckley remix)[Monster Tunes]2013

12. Michael Gallagher – Mandurah (Original mix)[Terminal 01]2012

Play/Download(Save Link As) T.I.P. show with Alexsed – (Episode 279) Cali4trance mix

Or Download the 320 kbps version HERE from Mix.DJ

If you’re interested to hear, and(or) get some other sets of mine (promos, guest mixes, and such), please, visit some sites I’m on: – clean(v/o voice overs, station ID’s) most requested T.I.P. episode is here, plus some event schedule, video updates!!! – Competitions sets are here, as well as some other promo sets – some of the latest Alexsed’s mashups are here!!! – T.I.P. 2009 Yearmix (6hours set!),T.I.P. 2010 Yearmix (10hours set!), “Basic Mashup-izm(Best of 2010)”(10hours set), “Basic Mashup-izm(Best of 2011)”(Volumes 1-7), and PLUS is here – some promo, guest, competition sets are here (friends, network, T.I.P. sets) – home of latest T.I.P.’s, plus some very first ones:) – here will be main concentration of Alexsed’s mashups – my newest DJ page at largest russian spoken DJ’s/producers/fans community and friends – will concentrate on mashup production in here (T.I.P. ep. 042, X-mas party 2008 mix, TFM Anniversary mix is available here) (some of Alexsed’s early sets, plus some of new ones)

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