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Trance in Progress(T.I.P.) show with Alexsed – (Episode 201) Luminvasion set

Posted in T.I.P. Podcast on April 4, 2012 by Alexsed


01. Fashion Police – Turn back time (eSoKu remix)[Ora]2011 June

02. Digital Ghosts – The Beat (Original mix)[Tetsuo]2012 March

03. Digital Self + Tek-Tonic – Gravity[Digitally Infected White]2012 March

04. Hannah – Falling away (Armin van Buuren remix)[Armada Music]2012 March

05. Janeiro – Connected emotions (Costa remix)[Vendace]2012 January

06. Talla 2XLC, Skysurfer – Buenos Aires (Club mix)[Undervise]2012 February

07. Leven Mervox – Shrinked Strings (Original mix)[Undervise]2012 February

08. McRae, Nuro GL – Mirage of Eternity (Trevor Dans remix)[LW]2012 February

09. Mr. Carefull – Iridium (Phil Metcalfe remix)[Defcon]2012 February

10. Section 1 – If you believe (2trancY dub mix)[LW]2012 March

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