Trance in Progress (T.I.P.) with Alexsed – (Episode 177) Tranceflex mix

Flexibility in EDM…New ideas make new strategy…NU spin in trance sounds awesome!!!
Just a few samples(all entries in this week’s T.I.P.) will give you a clear picture of something we’ve never heard before but after catching it one time we want to experience it again and again!!! Welcome to TRANCEFLEX:) N-JOY!!!


01. *Chris Callado, Mario Ayuda vs. Dyor feat. Mattew Hall, Ricky T – Astrarium on the road (Alexsed’s mashup)2011 October
– Tracks were used in this mashup:
01. Chris Callado, Mario Ayuda – Astrarium (Original mix)[Stremlined(Spinnin)]2011 September
02. Mattew Hall, Dyor, Ricky T – On the road feat. Mattew Hall (Ricky T mix)[High Contrast Nu Breed(Be Yourself Music)]2011 October

02. Progressence – Rising Sun (Dub mix)[COF]2011 August

03. Damian Wasse, Sensi – Onixia (Original mix)[Stremlined(Spinnin)]2011 September

04. Johan Curtain, Damian Wasse – Stacks Doot (Damian Wasse remix)[Trance Industry]2011 October

05. Judge Jules – City Nights (Original mix)[High Contrast(Be Yourself Music)]2011 July

06. LTN – Forever in you (Original mix)[Morrison]2011 August

07. Orjan Nilsen – Between the Rays (Original mix)[Armada Music]2011 October

08. Arkadi – Login (134 mix)[2 Play(Spinnin)]2011 August

09. Osvaldo Nugroho – Nemesis (Oriiginal mix)[Control]2011 September

10. W&W, Taylor & Close – Dome (Taylor & Close remix)[Armada Music]2011 October

11. Phunpark, Sean Tyas – Midnight (Sean Tyas remix)[Tytanium]2011 August

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